Druck Air Data Testing

Portable flightline 3- & 4-channel Air Data Test Sets


Air Data Test Sets (ADTS), also referred to as Pitot Static testers from Druck, a Baker Hughes business, are used for testing and calibrating airspeed and aircraft pitot-static systems. The ADTS500 Series of pitot static testers provide a smarter way to perform aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting, fault-finding and emergency aircraft on ground instrumentation validation. The ADTS500 series fills a gap in our line to meet a growing need for 3 and 4 channel equipment. The extended calibration interval Druck can offer will give significant value to our customers.

Advanced Pressure Sensing Technology - TERPS®
To ensure an accuracy that is suitable for RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) validation, the new ADTS500 Series incorporates Druck designed TERPS® (trench etched resonant pressure sensor) technology. Auto-recovery occurs when a test leg is completed and the test set is placed into leak detection mode, if the ADTS detects a very large leak the ADTS will instantly jump back to test mode (pumps on) and prevent damage to the aircraft.

  • Druck’s TERPS® technology has enabled Druck to produce a family of ADTS products that account for stability, NLHR (Non-Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability) and drift performance, across the entire spectrum of environmental conditions.
  • What sets Druck apart is how fast the test set detects a leak. Similar competing units can take 5 or more seconds, the ADTS is less than 1 second. This advantage delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and performance in the field.
  • To satisfy the demand for a smooth rate of change into a high pitot static volume, these units use Druck’s proportional control technology coupled with a large pump capacity.

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ADTS Touch hand terminal with Bluetooth®

Wireless technology and the innovative design of the ADTS Touch remove the need to run cables or hoses into the cockpit. The ADTS500 Series, supplied with an ADTS Touch, is a family of portable, self-contained pitot static testers, with a large pitot static volume capability for use on an extensive range of aircraft. With the option of a 3-channel or 4-channel model, the ADTS500 Series are ideal for most light to wide body passenger and freight aircraft.