Beacon Reprogramming


Reprogramming an ELT, PLB, Dongle, or Adapter?

EDMO utilizes factory trained personnel to reprogram your ELT, PLB, dongle, or program adapter to a country approved Cospas-Sarsat protocol.

To properly program an ELT, we need some information from you. You will also need information from the manufacturer to ensure the ELT is properly installed and registered.

To begin your ELT Reprogramming, you must first log in to your account. Select the reprogramming button below to be directed to the Reprogramming product page.

For questions or manual reprogramming submissions please contact our customer service at (800)235-3300.

Notes and recommendations

  • The charge for reprogramming is $200 not including return shipping. Your reprogrammed item will be returned in the same packaging as received.
  • EDMO strongly suggests you remove any ELT batteries defined as hazmat to qualify for non-hazmat shipping. You will also save on shipping costs due to the removal of the hazmat battery system.
  • If you have a programming adapter or dongle, the ELT does not need to be programmed. The ELT will read all information from the adapter or dongle once power is applied. You will need to send in only your programming adapter or dongle for reprogramming, not the ELT.
  • As with any in service product, stress to connection components may not be known until servicing the device. EDMO will not be responsible for dead batteries, broken pins or related failures experienced during the programming activity. If a failure is experienced that renders the ELT unserviceable, we will contact you for repair options.
  • EDMO is not a battery replacement center and cannot sign off a battery change. EDMO can, however, provide a new battery at extra cost with your reprogrammed ELT. Installation by an authorized battery replacement center of qualified technician would be required.
  • Artex ELT 345, 1000, 3000 and 4000 series are loaded with the standard 9600 baud rate unless otherwise requested.
  • If you are registering an ELT for Canadian use, please provide the 24-bit address as other identification forms are not always accepted by the Canadian Beacon Registry.

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