Trig Nav/Com Radios

The ideal platform to update legacy avionics or equip new aircraft.

TX56A_1 TX56A_2

The TX56A and TX57A Nav/Com radios are vital aircraft instruments with a superior user interface, this starts with a high resolution display. All vital information on the TX56 is clearly presented – a display ‘sweep’ function uses a single button to shift the display emphasis from Com to Nav status. The Nav will automatically load the identifier for the selected VOR and over 200 frequencies and identifiers can be saved into the Nav database. The TX56 is dependable, with the capability of providing a fix to a second VOR, improving navigational accuracy. Full support for ILS approaches and a back button allows a back course to be selected and flown.

Push Step

The Nav/Com display is clear and bright, showing both primary and secondary frequencies along with airfield / VOR identifiers. A ‘Push Step’ knob allows the fastest change from 25 kHz to 50 kHz so the Nav/Com can quickly be tuned without compromising look-out. Dual Watch feature allows monitoring of two Com or Nav frequencies at the same time – it’s like having a second radio.

Say Again

The radio has a ‘Say Again’ feature. A single button press replays the last radio transmission. This feature is ideal for student pilots, but every pilot can get distracted, so it avoids the embarrassment of asking air traffic to repeat a message.


The Nav receiver is optimized to provide stress free operation. Both the TX56A and TX57A will decode Morse, identifying VORs or ILS. The Nav receiver can monitor a second VOR which significantly enhances route navigation. This means that a standby VOR radial can be displayed in addition to the primary VOR – allowing the pilot to quickly calculate an accurate position fix.

Built-In CDI

The unit display features a graphical CDI (course deviation indicator) This allows the pilot to navigate without an external CDI. The TX56 also provides support for various display options, using a range of external cockpit instruments.

Once tuned the Nav receiver can identify the station by de-coding its Morse identifier, automatically identifying the selected VOR. Automatic centering of the CDI needle displays a direct bearing to a selected VOR for ease of navigation whilst the to/from button allows you to display the inbound or outbound radial.

Product Design

The Nav/Com’s low profile design requires no external cooling fans. The compact size and features make it a great choice for both forward and retro-fit installations. Each Nav/Com is designed to easily integrate with legacy products, these include the popular SL30 which is the same height as a TX56. Customers replacing legacy KX155 and KX165 models will easily accommodate a TX56 in their stack, in all cases a TX56 tray will need to be fitted.

Also compatible with the TI106 CDI

With a built in digital course deviation indicator, the TX56 provides a practical option when an external CDI is not available. The TX56 comes with a built in VOR/LOC converter as standard, making it configurable with a wide range of cockpit instruments. For an external CDI The TI106 Course Deviation Indicator is ideally matched for the TX56A/57A Nav/Com units. Using the latest generation of indicator technology, solid state actuators provide smooth and dependable navigational indications. While Utilizing LED technology for both the flags and backlighting providing a superior display compared to older legacy indicators.