ELT 345 Aviation Kits

Quick, easy, and affordable retrofit kits


8102 ELT 345 Standard Kit

The most economical option features the standard 23.5-inch black whip antenna and standard two-wire remote switch.

8107 ELT 345 Compact Kit & 8108 ELT 345 Slim Kit

The two other newly designed kits include a lower profile 15-inch black whip antenna designed for installations where a shorter form factor is required. The 8102 and 8107 kits include the standard two-wire remote switch, and the 8108 kit features a new slim profile switch.

Switch It Up

The new slim-line switch is perfect for ACK and Ameri-King ELT retrofits as it requires no modification to the switch panel cut-out when replacing a legacy phone cord style switch. As an added benefit, the slim-line switch requires no batteries and operates using two-wire connectivity for dependable cockpit panel operation.

8102 Standard Kit

8107 Compact Kit

8108 Slim Kit