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Mid-Continent launches new line of digital clocks/USB chargers


The CH93 CHRONOS Digital Clock Series is a multifunction digital clock available in multiple configurations with the ability to display volts, temperature, time, countdown time, and stopwatch, and also comes available with multiple USB charging options. The CH93 installs in to a 2-1/4 inch avionics panel cutout and power is drawn from the aircraft main bus to power the unit. The white, seven-segment LED clock can displays several modes: local time, universal time, flight timers, elapsed and countdown timers and optionally, bus voltage and up to two temperature inputs. The daylight readable display features two methods of brightness controls: automatically using the internal photocell or manually with external dimming bus voltage. An internal battery maintains clock time and flight timer memory when the aircraft is not in use.

The USB Charging Ports are designed as DCPs (Dedicated Charging Ports) to industry-standard protocol per the USB Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance Plan. Some models also comply with the higher power requirements of USB Power Delivery 2.0 and 3.0. Unlike most dual USB chargers which provide one (1.0) amp on one port and 2.1 amps on the second port, the CH93 provides 3 amps per port. The Type A High Power (HP) USB ports provide a 5 volt output at 3 amps and the Type C Max Power USB-PD port provides 3 amps at 5, 9, 15, or 20 volts depending on the type and needs of the device.

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